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  • Stand alone cards red - 46 cards blue- 45 cards green - 62 cards black - 54 cards white - 82 cards multiple hybrid cards - 39 cards artifacts - 18pre-made decks black/white - 59 cards black/blue - 56 cards blue/red - 76 cardsi have a lot of magic of the gathering cards from over the years and have spent hundreds of dollars all together for these bad boysi recommend them, especially for beginnersbut i haven't touched them since i've become a father and they're just collecting dusti'm looking for $80text me or call me if interested

    $ 80

  • Three decks magic the gathering cards two deckmaster and one fifth edition all in very good condition

    $ 5

  • Looking to buy large collections of magic the gathering cardsplease email me to discuss

    $ 999

  • Buying bulk collections of magic the gathering cardsplease contact if looking to sell

  • Selling this box of approx cards of magic the gathering commons and uncommons from various sets from the last 5-8 years

    $ 40

  • Just like the ad states i am buying magic the gathering cards by the collection or singleslet me know what you have to sell and i'm sure we can make a deal!

  • Selling/trading the following cards all near mint condition: 1x jace (ema) - $65 1x jace (ftv) - $70 1x flusterstorm - $80 1x pact of negation - $40 1x azami, lady of scolls - $30 will trade for any of the following cards: 2x grove of the burnwillos (future sight) 1x karakas (ema) 1x verdant catacomb (any) 1x misty rainforest (any) 4x mox diamond (any) 1x rishadan port (any)

  • Approximately magic the gathering cards for sale

  • Looking to buy magic the gathering collections, please email me to discuss

    $ 999

  • Approximately magic: the gathering cards$300 low offers will be ignoredi don't know enough to answer questions about themall in great shape

    $ 300

  • I have about asorted magic the gathering trading cards for sale that i need gone asap i will take $750 or best offer

  • Misc cards for saledefinately some with value¬† ¬†¬† all for ver 700 cards magic the gathering, ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† magic masters championship sydney ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† yo-gi-oh! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† sports ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† rocky ii ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† moon raker black hole battle star galactica star wars, empire strikes back grease ¬†king kong batman charlies angels ¬† terminator 2 t2 ¬†star trek next generation welcome back kotter ¬†and more

    $ 75

  • We specialize in single cards at great pricesaether vault games is a new edmonton, alberta based magic the gathering (mtg) online and physical storeaethervaultgames99 no matter how many singles you order or free with any purchase of $75 or morewe have an extensive buylist that you can sell/trade to us through or you can contact me to make an appointment to meet at the store to view your whole collection at once if you wish to sell that wayplease take the time to check out the storecom while we have many shipping options basic shipping is $2

  • Factory sealed magic the gathering booster packs$3 per pack or $10 for all

    $ 10

  • I can give you a full list of cards if you wantall 197 cards for $30 cards from apocalypse, mercadian masques, planeshift, nemesis, core seventh edition, urza's saga, tempest, mirage, odyssey, portal second age and fifth edition

    $ 30

  • I'm selling my entire collection of magic cards, there is near cardsbut i don't expect to get that pricethey value over $700

  • 317 magic the gathering cards fromall common cardsmultiples of each card shownin excellent condition

    $ 50

  • Alakazam - $15 all mtg cards - $2 each or all for $20 all cards are in excellent conditionif interested, please email or text only

    $ 20

  • I'm not looking for the big ticket stuff mainly, just looking to fill out my own collectionsend me an email with what you have/pictures/how much you'd like to get and we can sort out the details from therei am interested in picking up your old magic cards, or at least taking a look at what you have

  • Large collection of cards for sale commons up to mythic all must go taking offers

  • Box and cards

    $ 20

  • 300 cards in good condition and kept in a small box

    $ 60

  • Various sets, cards look to be entirely uncommon/commonless than a penny a card

    $ 150

  • Qr code link to this post looking to buy your old magic cards for cash

  • Brand new, sealed in package elspeth tirel magic the gathering pop figure#08 in the mtg seriespickup in transcona, text/email only please

    $ 10

  • I'm selling my entire collection of magic the gatheringit's worth over $700 but i don't expect to get close to that for it

  • Set of five magic the gathering legacy edition figures, new in boxset includes chandra, garruk, ajani, nissa, and liliana (all characters except jace)

    $ 30

  • Magic: the gathering booster boxes theros return to ravnica khans of tarkir sealed, unopened asking $110 each

    $ 110

  • Duel decks anthology magic the gathering mtg box set

    $ 135

  • Very nice 14 x 16 magic the gathering bag 10$ firm call text or email can meet up in moncton

    $ 10

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