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  • She needs a loving homesnowy is a truly affectionate cat with peopleshe gets along with dogs but prefers to be the only cat in the houseprice negotiablepictures upon requestshe is bright white with short, soft hair and light blue eyes

    $ 50

  • cat comes with: food, litterbox, cat litter, and cat carrier5-2yrs old will deliver cat to you¬†beautiful black cat with green eyes¬†found abandoned last weekneed to find a permanent homevery loving, litter box trained

  • loving cat with me and older kids but having issues with my 2 year oldbeautiful male white cat, 3 years old, one blue eye, one green eyehealthy have vet recordsup to date on vaccinespellet litter trained

    $ 50

  • I am moving soon and cannot take my sweet, loving cat with mei have all the supplies that go with him alsocall anytime atyou need to pick him up

    $ 20

  • 14' hobie cat with trailer for sale - $800 good conditioneverything workstrailer not registered or inspectedselling because it doesn't get usedlocated at aylesford lake near kentvilletoo many boats! comes with trailer

    $ 800

  • Found a white female cat with a kitten wandering around our backyardcan't take them inside the house so not sure how long they'll stick aroundshe seems like someone's abandoned or runaway pet (she keeps looking into/wanting to get inside our house, is very friendly, and likes to sit on people's laps)the kitten is grey and stripey and seems to nurse from her from time to time, seems semi-feral but allows you to pet it and briefly pick it upshe has green-gold eyes

  • Black cat with white on bellyfound on tamarack st in liverpool, ny

  • She comes with a covered cat litter box, cat carrying case, food dishes, food, and cat litter -¬†everything you need to give this cat a new, loving home! please contact me if you're interested or have any questions about kittyi'm really hoping to find a caring, loving home for kittyi am looking for a new home for my cat named kittymy kid has developed a bad allergy to her and i can't keep the cat unfortunatelyshe is a long hair cat, and i take her to get a haircut every 6 months or so, but this is not a requirement(price is negotiable for the right household) pictures: picture 1 picture 2 picture 3 ¬†i named her kitty years ago and she always comes when you call her by nameshe is a great cat, very loving, surprisingly obedient, and cuteshe is in good health, has all her shots, and only stays indoorsshe is around 12 years old, but still can be very energetic and play games like chasing a laser pointer or play with ribbons or catnipshe doesn't ever go outsideshe has a very relaxed temperamentshe likes to nuzzle up next you while you're on the couch and she will even sleep in bed with you if you like

    $ 100

  • Free cat named marley to loving homehe is a couple years old and a very affectionate loving cat in need of a good homehe is declawed, neutured, trained and up to date with his shotsplease call leave message if unanswered, i will return the call promptly

  • She is a very loving cat cat with a great personalityher name is sisha and we have to find a very loving home for her, my daughter moved to another city and could not take hershe comes when you call her, and understands¬† it is hard to give her away and want to make sure she is in a great placeshe is an indoor cat,cleans her mess around her liter box and food bowl, loves to sleep and sit by youlocated in san antonio you can email me at

  • He has no front claws, a very loving cat needs a loving homemy 3year old cat (harley) needs a good home, no dogs¬† he was left with me for a couple of days till owner could pick him up, that was two years ago

  • He's a incredibly loving cat so if you want a shoulder to cry on he'll be there for youmore ads by this user hi! i'm selling my juvenile black cat for 35 dollars! he isn't even a year old yet and is very healthyi sadly cannot keep him because of college if your wondering so i would like to see him put in a loving home! he's a very gentle soul but he'll definetly still play with you! if interested please contact -- thank you!

    $ 35

  • I am looking for a loving home for heri am renting a room and unfortunately as much as it is heart breaking for me, i cannot bring my catamber a small dainty female she is spayed, has all her vaccinations is dewormed and is a very happy, independent cat, she can be a little shy at times but very sweet! i have had her since she was born and watched her be borni am getting a divorce and moving to a place i can affordamber is now about 5 years oldshe would make a great companion and lovely pet

  • Older kids who love to play and give the cat good affection is a must¬†4 year old male tabby cat, all orange, long hair, neutered, front declawed, not a out side pet at all- needs a new home where he can be the only pet in the house hold, is a loving cat and likes to be played with teaser toys with the ownerhe needs a devoted owner who can spend one on one time with just himhe does not do well at all with other cats or dogsno little kids!! must sell do to having new kittens which he does not want to socialize at all! any serious inquiries please call , no answer please leave a message to call you back

  • I am urgently needing to rehome my lovely cat mokaunfortunately my living circumstances are changing and i can no longer have a catmoka is a strictly indoor cat, and ideally a single person, or couple's catalong with the lovely moka, you will also get everything i have that belongs to her, including litter box, toys, any food i still have for hermoka is also a snuggle bug, but of course on her termsshe frequently gets the "zoomies" for small spurts every day, she loves to chase feathers and strings aroundshe loves to just lay in someone's lap and fall asleepmoka is about 13 years old, but she doesn't act like it! although she likes to spend most of the day sleeping, she doesn't do so because she's old, simply because that's what cats domoka does not like children at all, she has not bit or scratched a child ever, but their presence makes her quite upset, she will hiss at them for just being thereshe also can get quite stressed with the presence of other animals in the home, so she'd do best in a home where she's the only pet

    $ 75

  • Persia is a loving and¬†well trained¬†cat around 7 years old (she has¬†been fixed)unfortunately, i am moving in two weeks and need to find my cat a¬†new homeshe loves to be pet and snuggle up next to you on the couchshe loves to be indoors most the time as well as¬†play in the back yardshe has¬†no known medical problems and loves to play and loves¬†her treats!¬†¬†if your looking for a new addition to your fm family or furry companion¬†then please contact me¬†i've had her since she was 1 so i'm looking for a great home

  • Nox is a loving black cati cannot keep her where i liveplease contact me if any questions/ interestedshe is great with kids and ok around other animalsshe is approx 3 years old

    $ 75

  • He is the most loving cat in the worldhe just is a great cati can't keep this cat that was left behide when his owners moved without himabout 1 1/2 yrs luvs kids tooan get along with my 2 dogs

  • Very loving catshayla is a beautiful persian exotic cfa cat with big blue eyes¬†the only reason i am selling her is that my niece has moved with me and has allergiesat this time she is pregnant and is due the end of octif you take her you will have a wonderful friendher kittens can be registered with cfa and will sell for $400 oboshe is only 1 year old

    $ 450

  • Sweet and loving cat is usually skittish around strangersmay respond to his name,¬†marcomissing since thursday night september 3rd from near boulevard road and 24th se, olympiatuxedo cat, black with white on face, neck, stomach and feet

  • loving cat needs home to a famliy she is fixed has all her shots wormed very friendly cat loves kids get along with dogplease help find a home for her

  • Pure bred sphynx cathe is a loving cat, he loves to cuddle, take baths, and be all up under you5 years old and comes with papersi‚Äôm selling him because i‚Äôm hardly home and he likes companionship

    $ 850

  • Female calico grey & orange, loving outside catmy husband said she had to go because she won't leave his hummingbirds alone

  • I have 1 (2 yr old) black cat with white on her chest and a heart on her stomach and i also beliee the other female is a full blooded 4yr old bengalthe other male is 3 yrs old also he is on the small side with black, grey, and white on him and he is medium hairedplease only interested people for themplus a black and grey striped 3 yr old male the needs to go with his sibling or his mother because he has always been around them

    $ 5

  • Rehoming this cat for $100 or either free she is very sweet and loving catshe allready has her rabies shot thru barc and she is a spayed cati would like her to go to a good home

    $ 100

  • He is a shy sweet loving cathe is a indoor only cati have a 1 1/2 year old male cat i am looking to rehomehe is black and whitemoe is great around dogs,other cats and kidshe‚Äôs never been outsidebut loves looking out the windows

  • This cat was a rescue, found the little fur ball in my backyard one daythe dog and him get along great, he loves to cuddlehe was only around 4weeks old, now he's around 10monthshe comes with a nice litter box, toys, collar, and food/water dishesif you have any questions just text or calli have been trying to tough it out but i am just too allergic to keep himsince then he has been neutered, declawed, and has had all shots

  • Beautiful white male cat with blue eyes, i'm fostering this 6 month old, he is very loving and sweet not aggressiveneeds a good home, very low maintenance he likes outdoors as wellplease text: ( ana

  • Beautiful white male cat with blue eyes, needs home very gental and loving, can't keep himhe can be outdoor as well

  • loving cat for giveawaylooking for a good homehe has his front claws removedmale, 2 years old, orange tabbyhe has all of his shots and is fixedgood around kids and other animals

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