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  • Looking for a free pit bull! looking to give it a good home, plus it has to be good with kidsmale or female is good!

  • I live in cheektowaga! i am looking for a free pit bull puppy or a pit bull, not old, i have kids, willing to give it a good home

  • Looking for someone to adopt a free pit bull, he's very friendly and animal friendly and needs a good home¬†i rescued him and he has his shots and is super beautiful, please call: ¬†¬†i would greatly appreciate itserious inquiry only

  • free pit bull puppies

  • That is free plziam looking for a free pitbull or a german shepherd mix

  • I live in cheektowaga! my son's birthday is monday the 27th! i am looking for a free pit bull puppy or dog, has to be good with kidsneed one asap! please gmail me or call (_! don't have a car either! thank you soo much!

  • free to good home pit bull age about 3 years old¬†i am looking for someone who will be a good fit for my brother pit bull on feb¬† he was shot and killed in durham so i took his dog in¬†hoping i can keep him but my children say they want someone who can contorl him better prefer a single person or man and woman who is living together he not mean just the kids cant play with him like they want he will lay next to you and become very protect over you he needs to be walked at lease once a week but because i worked i cant do that i will like to find some who has a large yard so he will have more freedom then what he got now he dont like other dogs or cats he will¬†fight if he gets the chance to do it but he loves to have lots of love and teachin his name is ace i will give you a dog house if you need one the only thing i ask is not to fight him you will find out once you get to know him he is very happyand loving¬†he has been fixed so if you got a home with a big yard and looking to give some of your time to him please call me for pictures please call me you will be giving my children what they want and my brother

  • 6 week old pit bull puppies free

  • Red nosed pit bull free to good home, two years old and very spoiled

  • Moving and looking for a good home for 8 month old pit bullhe is house trained and will have a kennel

  • Loveable brown and white pure bread (not papered though) pit bullnot spayed, don't know about her shotscomes with all her stuff: food, dishes, harness, leash, treatsis shy, but loves to play and great with children

  • Found a black pit bull with white marks by right eyefound on esplanade by degarmo park in chicocall me if you think he might be yours

  • I want to have the puppy when i have my daughter so they grow up together so you can email me at or call me atlooking for a male or female pitbull puppy

  • pit bull dogs, ¬†multple kittens and cats, free to a good home

  • I'm looking for a free young pit bull been wanting one forever and i'm ready to have one prefer to rescue if possible

  • Looking for a male or female pit bull free! looking for one that is not too old, gets along with kidslost one and tryingto give a good home

  • 9 month old spayed female pit bull mixfree to a good homemore than the current senior citizen owner can managecurrent on all shotsshe has lots of energy and needs lots of attention

  • American pit bull puppies about 4 months old with all their vacine shots ready to be adopted to a good home

  • Iso female pit bull pup

  • Wanted free pit bull lab mix or teacup chihuahua or pit bull mastiff for me and my wife to raise and have some friends for our two other dogs patrick and bichaz

  • Found a male mouse grey pit bull with a white bellyif this is your dog please feel free to call to arrange a meet up with the dogfound this dog in clovis, ca

  • Puppies were born on august small rehoming fee (not free) (full blood pit bull) text ati have¬†2 girls and 2 boyssweet puppies looking for a good home to be a part of

    $ 100

  • 3/4 pit bull puppies look like pit bulls mom is pit bull dad 1/2 pit bullhave 5 female 2 males

    $ 25

  • Blue american pit bull terrier and bully puppies: big head, big boned and beautiful! champion bloodlines!‚Äč‚Äč (raging bull, hawaiian blue, xtreme pits) family raised! 2 male 3 female left

    $ 200

  • pit bull mix puppies free to good homes 8 weeks old text -- for more infio

  • Blue male pit bull, neautered, house trained, well mannered, inside and outside stayed, leash trained, good with kids, guard dog, good walking or running buddy, all i need is ¬†$ transfer names in his chip fee¬†going to ng army, lost time for him, just made a year!

    $ 50

  • Absolutely gorgeous pit bull pups¬† previous litter all grew up with dominate pit bull features¬† mom is staffordshire pit and dad is colbyb pit lab mix¬† extremely personable companion¬† mild yet appropiate aggression¬† nice and lovely disposition¬† see the at pawpawspuppyhouse or call

    $ 100

  • Looking for a good home for a male blue nose pit! he is 4 years old and fixed! text me at (

  • Good with kids and very friendlyneeds a good home my husband doesn't like herbrown and white, not spayeddon't know about her shots sadly

  • Moo moos and 2 solid blacks gorgeous pups moms a moo moo service dog dads a red nose pit looking for loving homes preferably with pit bull experience

    $ 400

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